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Monday through Friday


*Children must turn 5 by February 10th

About The Program 


     Our goal is to prepare each child for their upcoming Kindergarten year. Social development as well as cognitive, physical and language skills are areas we focus on everyday. We use the Kindergarten curriculum from the Garnet Valley School District as a guide for us when we are planning the school year. This gives the children a stepping stone into what they will be learning and seeing the following year. Did you know that by the age of 5, parents have 680 weeks until their child turns 18?! that is why we believe that what happens now matters ALOT! Five year olds are in the phase where unfiltered words make you laugh and life becomes a stage where your kid shouts "look at me!" Five year olds think like a scientist and want to see how things are working. They learn best through concrete evidence. Our goal is to improve their abilities by engaging them in hands on activities that allow their interest to thrive in ways that capture their wonder and excitement they have for learning. 

Developmental Goals 

Fine Motor Skills 

Using a pencil with control 

Drawing a person with features 

Stringing a set of beads 

Tying shoes 

Buttoning and buckling 

Using scissors correctly 

Cutting a circle 

Writing name  

Music And Art Skills 

Participating in group singing 

Enjoying musical instruments 

Repeating rhythmic patterns 

Enjoying art activities 

Using art materials appropriately

Reading Skills 

Reading and repeating books from memory 

Recognizing friends name 

Recognizing both lower and capital letters 

Identifying sounds of letters

Knowing days of the week 

Knowing months of the year

Understanding rhyming words  

Self Help Skills 

Using the bathroom independently 

Having good table manners 

Dressing oneself independently 

Gross Motor Skills 

Moving with direction and coordination 

Walking on a balance beam 

Throwing and kicking a ball at a target 

Catching a ball with accuracy 

Language Skills 

Using complex sentences to express feelings 

Answering questions with details 

Making letter sound connection 

Math Skills 

Counting to 20,

Counting a set of 20 objects

Matching numbers to a set of objects

Recognizing numbers 1-20

Identifying shapes

Making a simple A/B patterns

Identifying primary and secondary colors

Sorting objects by size, shape, and color

Reading Skills 

Reading and repeating books from memory

Recognizing name in print

Recognizing a friends name

Recognizing both lower and capital letters

Identifying sounds of letters

Knowing the days of the week

Knowing the months of the year

Understanding rhyming words 

Social Skills 

Uses process of negotiation to reach a compromise 

Following and understanding school rules 

Managing feelings 

Respecting teachers 

Following class procedures 

Showing responsibility for class environment 

Recognizing others feeling and needs

Making friends 

Participating in group activities 

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