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3 Year Old

2 day or 3 day Program

9:00a-12:00p or 12:30-3:00p

*Children must be turning 3 by September 10th and fully potty trained

About The Program 

 Our 3 year olds develop at such a rapid pace and make huge strides throughout the school year. For many it is their first school experience and we want to make it as much fun as we can so that they fall in love with school and learning. Did you know that by the age of 3 parents have 784 weeks until their child turns 18?! That is why we believe that what we do now matters ALOT! Our three year olds are in a phase where anything can be imagined, everything can become a game and a curious 3 year old wants to know "why?" We want to engage in their world where language is exploding and new learning is happening every single day. Our goal is to help them cultivate self control and embrace their social, emotional , physical and cognitive needs through games, art, music, movement, purposeful play, stories, and FUN! 

Developmental Goals 

Social Skills 

Following Directions 

Using words to express ones self 

Showing Respect for teacher's 

Keeping our hands and feet to ourself 

Helping clean up/ putting toys away correctly 

Listening to the teacher the first time 

Being kind to friends 

Participating in group activities 

Fine Motor Skills 

Grasping and holding a pencil 


Stringing a set of beads 

Putting a 6- piece puzzle together 

Stacking a set of blocks 



Holding scissors correctly 

Language Skills 

Communicating clearly 

Using "i", "you" and "me" correctly 

Naming familiar objects in pictures 

Cognitive Skills 

Knowing first and last name

Naming objects from memory 

Self Help Skills 

Using the bathroom with Little assistance 

Dressing ones self with little assistance 

Drinking from an open cup 

Washing hands Independently 

Gross Motor Skills 

Hopping and jumping 

Climbing on a bike with ease 

Throwing and catching 

Climbing stairs alternating feet 

Music And Art Skills 

Participating in group Singing 

Enjoying musical Instruments 

Repeating rhythmic Patterns 

Enjoying art activities 

Using art materials Appropriately 

Reading Skills 

Sitting and listening during Circle time 

Enjoy reading books 

Recognizing name in print 

Recognizing the letters A-z

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