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4 Year Old

5-day morning program or 4-day afternoon

9:00a-12:00p or 12:30p-3:00p

*Children must turn 4 by September 10th 

About The Program 


    This is a very important year for our 4 year olds as some may be attending Kindergarten the following school year. Our goal is to set them up for future success in Kindergarten. All children work at their own pace! Therefore, we partner with parents throughout the year with constant communication regarding the progress of their child. We believe this will help parents as they begin to make crucial decisions about the following school year. Did you know that by the age of 4, parents have 732 weeks until their child turns 18?! that is why we believe that what happens now matters ALOT! Four year olds are in the phase of stepping into who they are and becoming more aware of new things everyday. They ask the question "am i good?" and "am i okay?" We want to consistently answer these questions by embracing their physical, social, cognitive, and emotional needs through structure, routine, learning and FUN! 

Developmental Goals 

Social Skills 

Following Directions 

Using words to express feelings 

Showing Respect for teacher's 

Keeping our hands and feet to ourself 

Helping clean up/ putting toys away correctly 

Listening to the teacher the first time 

Being kind and thoughtful 

Participating in group activities 

Reading Skills 

Reading and repeating books from Memory 

Recognizing name in print 

Recognizing letters in the alphabet 

Understanding sounds of letters 

Matching letters with corresponding Words or pictures 

Understanding rhyming words 

Fine Motor Skills 

 Holding a pencil correctly 

Drawing lines and circles

Tracing first name

Writing own name 

Tracing letters 

Putting a 8-10 piece puzzle together 

Connecting legos and blocks 

Holding scissors correctly 

Cutting a straight line 

Self Help Skills 

Using the bathroom independently 

Having good table manners 

Dressing oneself independently 

Cognitive Skills 

Knowing their address

knowing their phone number 

Recalling an item when removed

Identifying parts of the body 

Music Skills

Participating in group singing 

Enjoying musical instruments 

Repeating rhythmic patterns 

Enjoying art activities 

Using art materials appropriately 

Math Skills 

Counting to 20, 

Counting a set of 20 objects 

Counting backwards from 10 

Recognizing numbers 1-20

Recognizing shapes 

Identifying the difference in size 

Sorting objects by size, shape, and color

Language Skills

Knowing first and last name 

Understanding opposites

Identifying rhyming words 

Naming familiar objects in pictures 

Gross Motor Skills 

Hopping on one foot 

Jumping in place with both feet 

Walking forward and backward 

Skipping, gallopping, and running 

Throwing a large ball in a stated direction 

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