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2.5 Year Old

Tuesday and Thursday Mornings


*Children must be turning 3 by February 10th

About The Program 

This program exist to assist those children who just miss the cut off for preschool. We want to help our two year olds learn about routine, following directions, and interacting with other children their own age. Did you know that by the age of 2 Parents have 832 weeks until they turn 18?! This is why what we do now matters ALOT! Two year olds are in the "i can do it" phase, where they think like an artist and blend reality with imagination. They learn best through their senses and we want to make it our goal to develop their confidence. Our two year old program is designed to embrace their physical and cognitive needs through stories, songs, snacks, games, activities, and projects. 

Developmental Goals 

Social Skills 

Showing concern for people and things

Responding to teachers authority 

Playing and sharing with others 

Showing independence 

Showing a love for school 

Learning to control feelings 

Fine Motor Skills 

Using crayons 

Using adaptive scissors 


Gluing with assistance 

Completing simple Puzzles 

Threading beads 

Using a Pencil 

Drawling a Line and Circle 

Language Skills 

Speaking clearly 

Combing words to name things 

Communicating in sentences 

Answering questions 

Waiting for ones turn when speaking in a group 

Using words to communicate their wants and ideas

Expanding ones vocabulary

Self Help Skills 

Learning to use the potty 

Learning to find their belongings 

Learning to drink from an open cup 

Washing hands independently 

Cognitive Skills 

Getting involved in activities 

Following directions

Responding well to teachers suggestions 

Asking questions 

Making good choices 

Gross Motor Skills 

Walking forward and backwards  

Walking up and down stairs 

Jumping in one place 

Balancing on left and right foot

Hopping on one or two feet 

Throwing a ball forward 

Kicking a ball forward 

Music And Art Skills 

Participating in group singing 

Enjoying musical instruments 

Repeating rhythmic patterns 

Enjoying art activities 

Using art materials appropriately 

Assisting with clean up of messes 

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